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This course is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to work in a medical administration / secretarial role in a Hospital, private practice or clinic setting.

Accreditation: QQI Level 5



The course is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to work as a front line representative in any medical, legal or dental organisation.



This module has been developed to provide the learner with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain payroll records manually and on computer in a small to medium sized organisation.

Accreditation: QQI Level  5



Audio Typing or Transcription is a wonderful advantage to anyone looking to get an Administration job in the Medical, Insurance or Legal Sector. There are many other jobs that also list audio skills as a requirement, so if you can add Audio Transcription to your CV you will then open these options in the job market.

Audio typing should only be started by those who have already attained a touch typing speed of at least 30 wpm. If you feel that you need to improve your typing speed first please look at our Touch Typing Course.



The course is designed to equip you with essential knowledge to strengthen and develop your management skills.  It is aimed at those currently employed at  Management level or wishing to progress to this level.  This course aims to promote good practice in planning, managing and delivering a quality service.

This course includes the duties and responsibilities of a manager and developing policies and procedures.  You will learn to evaluate up-to-date industry standards, guidelines and recommended practices that affect the work environment, to include the purpose and methods of supervision, the staff code of conduct, advantages and disadvantages of in-house and contract staff, data protection, staff recruitment and maintaining personnel records.

Accreditation: QQI Level 6



This special purpose award is designed for those who wish to pursue a career as a trainer in adult education and consists of two QQI level 6 modules. The programme is delivered in a highly participative and practical manner.

This QQI Special Purpose Award 6S3372 Training and Development has two components:
  • 6N3326 Training Delivery and Evaluation
  • 6N3325 Training Needs Identification and Design
Click here for full course outline



Are you interested in pursuing a career in training and gaining a widely recognised certificate? The purpose of this course is to enable the you to develop the necessary knowledge, skill and confidence to deliver, assess and evaluate training activities relevant to the training of others.

This course gives you the practical platform skills and confidence you need to succeed.  We  put the latest trends and techniques at your fingertips. Whether you’ve been training for a while or never stepped onto this role before, this workshop will show you how to become a facilitator of learning, not just a presenter. You’ll build confidence, engage your audience from the beginning and leave your trainees praising your training abilities.

(Previously know as Train the Trainer course)

Accreditation: QQI Level 6 Certificate in Training Delivery & Evaluation 6N3326



On this Training Needs Identification & Design course you will learn how to correctly identify training needs of learners and design training courses that are both beneficial and engaging for participants.

This 4 day workshop is an ideal option for anyone who has to design training for others as part of their current position, or for someone who is considering working as a professional trainer.

This course leads to a QQI Level 6 certificate in Training Needs Identification & Design.
If you have already completed Training Delivery and Evaluation, you only need to successfully complete this course and its assessments to achieve the
QQI Special Purpose Award in Training and Development.



Google Applications for Work

This course provides an excellent introduction to using ‘Free’ Cloud Computing applications (apps).

The workshop covers everything from how to set up Google and manage your e-mails all the way through to optimal use of ‘Free’ word processing, spreadsheets and presentation apps.  Learn how to take advantage of the online storage options (Google Drive), sharing files and folders, online diary management and so much more…

Cloud Computing has tremendous potential for both individuals and organizations of all shapes and sizes for collaboration and sharing with multiple users worldwide (or in the same building!!), any device, any time…

This full day workshop is designed to help you make the most out of Google Cloud Computing.



Employees who are properly trained and who demonstrate professional customer service skills can improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

Customer Service Training Day

  • Employees who are properly trained and who demonstrate professional customer service skills can improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Excellent Customer Service helps a business retain customers and improve profits as it costs less to retain a customer than to acquire a new one.
  • Customers who are pleased are more open to additional sales messages and are more likely to refer others as potential customers.
  • Employing good listening skills and questioning techniques can shorten the interaction time with customers. This allows an organization to serve more customers in less time.
  • Research shows that improving first contact resolution is a primary driver of customer satisfaction.

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